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Wow, thanks for the follow Mr. Tom Hall! Looks like we have a shared interest in DOS games, Pico 8 games, and re-making your own old games!

Am I right in concluding the reason it's so hard to get to level 36 is because the random placement makes everything unwinnable?? I got to 28 :)

Yeah!  I've been making games since the early Apple ][, even before DOS. Pico-8 kinda feels like that old game making.

Yep, it's more about the "roll" like a slot machine. I kinda talk about it in the description below... after level 23 it is kinda just what happens, but it still feels good to sneak around a corner cleverly because of the player shape.  Good job getting to 28!

Thanks, heheh :) Yeah programming for Pico 8 is giving me an appreciation and nostalgia for 8 bit computing that I never had. (Personally I started out in QBasic in MS-DOS!  Making text based adventure games at first, like you, and then crummy graphical ones)

I was showing my partner page 63 of "Masters of Doom" where you deliver your pitch for Commander Keen's back story to the rest of the team, then showed her this thread, and she giggled when she saw your user name. I said "Yes... THAT Tom Hall!"

I'd love to know what in particular caused you to follow my Itch profile, was it my Alex Kidd Pico 8 de-make?  What did you think?

VERY FUN PICO-8 GAME! I love the dropping animation.

Thanks! Heh.