I made this tool to generate random game ideas: topic/theme, genre, mechanic, location/setting, and optional story plot.

Use 1 to 5 of the parameters to inspire a new game to try! If a Game Jam locks in a theme, mechanic, location, and whatnot, just use the other aspects to add to that idea. Experiment! And have fun!


Hope this helps you make cool new games!

If it does inspire your game, please include this in credits / source code:

"Inspired by ThatTomHall's Game Idea Guru "


(P.S. I will happy to expand any of the categories with new entries -- feel free to comment with new things to add!)

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Just having fun with it, I found some great themes for some game!

for the future of ourse, cause right now I am working on some project



This is a fun tool!

What do you think of adding a way to lock a category (would need ↑↓ arrows to select and o button to lock). I don’t know if there should be a max number of categories that are allowed to be locked :)

Additional idea: allow selecting the value manually, i.e. with ←→ arrows, but that seems less fun than discovering through chance.

(On a related note, would you mind adding your nice tool to Pico-8 BBS? Then I could even try to implement this myself and send a diff)

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Thanks!  And yeah good idea — sort of like keeping good cards in poker and drawing some more.... 

Sure!  I thought it was on there? If not, will add. And I will try to update it after the holidays a bit. Might add Optional Protagonist category.


This is a gentle ping :)


Hey, will update this after I finish RNDGAME! :D :P


Yes! This is awesome. Great for game designers block!