You are BALTHAZAR, King of Tarse and Egypt! You are one of the Three Kings mythically following the North Star to find that baby Jesus! BUT you’ve woken up late -- you were supposed to be at the manger hours ago!  On top of that you’ve forgotten your gift of Myrrh you were supposed to bring!  (Maybe you can pick some up on the way?)

Parkour your way across Bethlehem, avoiding aggressive Bethlehem guards, picking up 50 myrrh to fill your gift box, and get to the barn's manger as fast as you can!

MYRRH’S EDGE: It’s a holiday parkour speedrun challenge!

Who can get:
--fastest to manger with 50 myrrh?  (World Record So Far: 38.0  Crayonatee!)
--fastest to manger with all 200 myrrh? (World Record: DIDERO Time 602.9! Well done!)

Come on, Bal!  You’re late!  Get a move on!

Left/Right: Run
L/R+Down: Slide
Up/Down: Climb ladders
Z (O): Jump
Z+Down:        Jump down through semi-solid
X:        Interact (unlock doors with keys, enter doors, grab zipline)
X+L/R: Move along horizontal zipline (brachiate)
L/R wall:         Wall Slide (we call it a “Wally”)

HINT: Play multiple times to see different things at the end. ;)

Brilliant Coding and Some Design Bits: Squirrel Eiserloh
Great Art/Animation: Toby Hefflin
Game / Map Design, Sfx, and Some Okay Art/Animation: That Tom Hall

Featuring a Talented and Wise Man Who Did Genius Music: Gruber
(Killer song, eh?)

This game got made because Tom thought of the punny title. Had to do it. It was a virtual development team, and we had fun making it! Enjoy!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Parkour, Speedrun


Download 6 MB


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where is the manaager??

The manger is almost all the way to the right in the big map. There is no manager there. 😀


hi i know i replied late  but thanks a lot :)

No problem!


Can you upload a downloadable version for Windows?

Upload a download! :D

I think so... and add it is a downloadable file to here?

It's up there -- I just put all executables in a zip....


lol I know odd choice of words. Thank you Mr. Hall! Btw big fan of old DOS/Win 95/98 etc games.

Aw thanks for playing!

Nice job!


Really awesome platformer!! Maybe I should concentrate on better time rather than Myrrh...

Thanks much!


WOW! Hands down the best platformer I've seen for Pico-8. This game has lots of polish and is immensely entertaining!