It's a random arcade game name generator -- press RIGHT ARROW to generate a new one! PRESS LEFT ARROW to go back through previous names it made.


So in the game Anachronox, there was an arcade on the planet Hephaestus. I made a random arcade game name generator (for a sign in an arcade). It announced new games coming to the arcade, but just made up random silly ones.  Every time you clicked on the sign, it made up a new one, just or silly fun.

Hope you enjoy it!  Let me know if there are any (family-friendly) words you want added!

NOTE: I could define "productions" which would make perfect titles every time. HOWEVER, I've left it intentionally loose to get a) the flavor of badly-translated titles and b) to allow emergent crazy titles that strict rules would eliminate and that would be sad.  Enjoy the crazy with the sensical!

(Updated MY 13, 2020 with many more words AND history saving!)

Made withPICO-8
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"Your Inappropriate Possession"

lmao WHAT!?

Holy crap.  Tom Hall.  THE Tom Hall?  Commander Keen creator?  On itch.io?  That really you?  We're not worthy.  We're not worthy.  (Wayne's World reference).


Aw garsh thanks! Yah it is me it seems. :)

And yeah got it. 😁


It is you.  Hell yes.  Hey.  About Commander Keen.  The franchise rights.  Sorry they're unobtainable.  At the moment.  Why?  Commander Keen's you.  Basically.  Your childhood.  Hard to dismiss.  Creating another franchise?  Is that possible?  Apologies for bothering.  Just surprised.  Celebrities on itch.io.  Doesn't happen often.


Also.  Just found this.


yeah may just have to move on and make me but new.....

(2 edits) (+1)

Always wondered.  This current trend.  Always about childhood.  Why not adulthood?  In this case.  Yours.  Your life story.  As a game.  How about this.  The player character?  A sage.  One who teaches.  Teaches kids.  From decades experience.  The inspiration?  You.  It's like this.  Remember Deckard Cain?  From Diablo?  That kinda sage.  But he's you.  Will that work?

Possible oracle inspiration.

Here's Deckard Cain.

Crap.  I scared Tom.  




Three Ravens: Tactics

I would definitely want to learn more about a game called that.

heh! Or make it!

Quest of Ladder. Hmm, maybe I should have called my game that...

Hah! Sequel!


Pirate Complex it is!

Haha do it


I want to make so many of the wacky games this generates. Of all the game idea generators I've come across this is honestly the most inspirational. I'm so glad you didn't stop it from generating nonsensical names.

Yeah thanks! I could’ve easily with “productions” — thanks,  compilers class in college — but wanted to have emergence plus nutty names like they were badly translated, too.

(2 edits) (+1)

Hey, good to see another Pico 8 release :) I found myself writing down nearly every name before I realised this almost consistently generates legit sounding names! And decent inspiration for game ideas! I got to 20 before I had a nonsensical one. Here's some of my favourites and what they would be:

Shadow Terror Crossing: A horror themed Crossy Roads/Frogger.

Warlock Faction Frontiers: A fantasy themed strategy game where a colony of magic users make a settlement in an undiscovered land.

Treehouse of Terror: a retro point and click done in the style of Maniac Mansion.

The Prehistoric Shock Run: Already been made! https://www.pixeljam.com/dinorun/ (Ok, being re-made, looks like they took down the original in favour of a crowdfunding campaign for version 2)

Screaming Detectives:  I laughed out loud. This could go so many ways. I like to think they solve mysteries, but as soon as they see the crime scene, they scream out loud. Wait, I think I just described Scooby and Shaggy...

Heh those are great!


"The Bad of the Cross". Ok then. Sounds like an Eastwood spaghetti western. I'm all in.

See, those crazy titles sound like mistranslated games. It's great.  Also, you get emergent combos by playing it loosey goosey.


Also, updated with a lot more words....


5 clicks in: "Call of Farm."



See, now you must make it. :D :P 

Challenge Accepted.


Haha.  I like how it makes malformed titles because a) you get the feel of badly-translated titles and b) there may be emergent titles that strict rules would cull out, and that would make me sad!

True! Like the lack of "The" or "ing" in Call of Farm. It's grammatically terrible, and yet so... wonderful. I can just see basically the "proud of myself" meme stick figure in the middle of a field of wheat with a title like that.

Easily your second best game industry innovation. Nothing will ever surpass the Dopefish. :)