Here's SPY'S DEMISE (an old Apple ][ game) in a TweetTweetCart!

CONTROLS: Arrows right and left. Avoid RedFaces, climb ladders to get to Star!

Once you start moving, you can't stop until the edge, so keep steering to avoid RedFaces!

WORLD RECORD:  @s_standke on Twitter, 42.00!

Play the uncompressed version with game-restarting here!

Minimized expertly by @DaleJ_Dev and @axnjaxn ! Follow 'em on Twitter!Have fun!


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It's great to keep the classics alive :)

Yeah, it seemed a doable game in two tweets!


Good game!

Thanks!  I may make a "real" version of it sometime, heh.


Dammit - SO close to the WR! 😩

Great game, Tom.
SO addictive! 😅


Gahhhh! So cloooose. Thanks!  I mean, thanks to Alan Zeldin who did the original. The review called it a "Potato Chip" game, cuz you keep playing it. Maybe I'll do an actual demake....


Ah man. I just got 53.93!


Still good score, well done! 


Yeah nice job!


Not to brag but I think that makes it for the new world record? ;)