You dropped some Honey Gold potatoes at a picnic, and they GAINED SENTIENCE, realized you were going to eat them, got mad, and started firing TATERIKENS at you! Try to survive as long as you can!

Use the arrow keys to evade the angry taters and their taterikens! If you touch either, you die and game ends. X to restart!

(Same game on Lexa:  https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=34287 )

(Sadly not minified enough to qualify: 650 chars, so THREE TWEETS. And I know it ain't #TweetTweetTweetJam, so......  Thx to @2DArray on Twitter for minifying help! After Jam, I've added a restart key, X.)

WORLD RECORD SO FAR: 77.26s, Taters (E:) 26.


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Holy cow! I can't believe such a fun little game requires so little code. Great job.

Heh aw thx!


Well, that world record will remain unbroken by me I think... Great game though!

Thanks! Yeah, I can’t beat it either! :^)


So cool to see a game from you. Thank you for giving us Keen and Anachronox <3

Thanks!  Hard to make one with so few characters, but I got something!

Aww, you're welcome!


Welcome back, Mr. Tom. This one is a lot of fun!

Thanks much!